Thermocouple References

Recognizes solutions since more than 5 decades

For over 50 years Kaye has been the world leader in developing and supplying  Thermocouple Reference Systems.  From its first patented development of the Ice Point Reference in the 1960’s to it patent Uniform Temperature references,  Kaye has lead the way in providing  solutions to critical applications in the Aerospace and other industrial markets for the accurate measurement of thermocouples.

From fixed  0°C  Ice Point References, which provide 0.02 °C  accuracy and no long term drift to our passive Uniform Temperature References intended for area with high temperature gradients and vibration, Kaye has a solution to meet your needs. 

Kaye’s expertise in thermocouple measurement and sources of error  make us the right choices to understand your challenges and provide the right solutions to meet your needs.


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